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MD1World aims to grant global medical communities access to marginalized and underserved populations. MD1World offers an innovative telemedicine platform that extends healing and hope to those in need around the globe by means of (1) online collaboration between leaders in their fields and local healthcare facilities, (2) innovative educational partnerships, and (3) crowdfunding for on-site medical/surgical care. 

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Connect with other physicians in many different specialties through discussion groups, polls, case presentations, and collaborative learning.


Present interesting or challenging patients to the global medical community for guidance in care, or for illustrative learning purpose.


Knowledge is power! Many of our physician members have shared books they have written to offer valuable insights to other colleagues.


Share your most difficult cases and collaborate with local and international experts to quickly develop a care plan and reduce delay in care.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

MD1World is a telemedicine platform designed to unite the worldwide medical community to bring the very best in medical care to developing nations. Through case collaboration, crowd funding and innovative partnerships, MD1World delivers a ground-breaking telemedicine platform to bring healing and hope to the sick and dying.

MD1World works to save lives by facilitating the collaboration of doctors aroundthe world to solve cases, discuss the latest trends in medicine, share ideas, participate in surveys, do research, and collect the opinions of colleagues.

MD1World allows physicians across the globe to connect and collaborate in a user friendly interface. An interactive dashboard gives members the ability to share ideas and recommendations, participate in polls and discussions, advise on difficult cases worldwide, and raise funds to treat children around the world.

You can reach MD1World via email at